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Notice: We would like to inform you about our strict policy, that c9c networks

   don’t tolerate spam, nor any form of sex, pornography, violence and terror, illegal

   contents like mp3, software, warez or indecent pictures and contents on our

   whole networks. Please don't waste your and our time in this connection.


The only one way to contact us is by E-mail. Please don’t send us letters,

   parcels or whatever by post; we will not take it in consideration.

   If you have confidential messages, please ask us about a Link forSSL

   encrypted high security communication.


If you have to complain anything about violations of our policy, you may

   send your E-Mail to   abuse@c9c.us  or use this WebForm.


c9c network ensures you absolute Privacy. We regard all your data as strictly

   confidential and pass these on never on third, including authorities.         ^